How should I ping?

Posted Jan 26, 2004 in Blogging.

I have been manually pinging using the form provided, but I am uncertain as to which URI I am supposed to send.

The main page associated with my weblog is I also have an RSS 2.0 feed at, an Atom 0.3 feed at, and I currently mirror the main blog page on my home page at, though that is not a permanent fixture.

Up until recently I had been sending a ping for all of them, except the Atom feed which only just went up. Last week, I switched over to just pinging with and now I seem to be ignored by, for example.

Can anyone shed some light as to which URI I should send? I would be most grateful.


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    Don't ping anyone, Simon. I don't and everything is just fine and dandy. BTW, just tried their online form. It worked just fine, but for me it is a one time usage. Don't really need them...

    Posted by David Collantes on Jan 27, 2004.

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    I have always understood that it is "good manners" to ping or so that your readers using aggregators and blogrolls can be informed that a post has been made. Although I don't use these facilities myself, it does help to "promote" myself, which massages my ego :D

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Jan 27, 2004.

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    You should ping your main blog address, I believe.

    Posted by Matt on Jan 28, 2004.

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    As an experiment, I tried do just that the other day. I noticed that only a few blogrolls were updated accordingly, because many have bookmarked the homepage instead.

    The way I see it, I have two options. Change my front page, or have it permanently mirror the main blog page. I favor the former option, and I'll probably begin work on a new home page soon.

    I'd still be grateful for more opinions on the matter.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Jan 28, 2004.