Bush in 30 Seconds

Posted Jan 31, 2004 in Media.

Democracy advocate group ran an interesting competition to try and summarize President Bush and his policies in just 30 seconds. The US television broadcaster CBS is now refusing to air the winning commercial during 2004's Super Bowl. Martin Franks, CBS executive vice president, is quoted as saying, "we do not accept advertising on one side or the other of controversial public issues, partly because we don't think the debate ought to be controlled by people with deep pockets," although I personally think that is an outrageous statement. CNN has agreed to run the piece during the game, at 2010 and 2035 Eastern Standard Time.

The winning commercial, Child's Play, is available in Quicktime or streaming Flash formats, among others. It shows children doing the work of adults, followed by a politically-charged tagline. I think it encapsulates the argument nicely, and it demonstrates how to direct a good television commercial too.


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