Validation news

Posted Jan 31, 2004 in XHTML.

I have always been in the habit of validating pages whenever I make changes to them (or create them). I usually use the beta validator on the W3C site, and also the WDG validator as a kind of sanity check.

Ever since I built my little CMS, however, that incorporated my content negotiation script, I have been validating only for HTML 4.01. This is because the validators always received a MIME type of text/html.

Now normally, this wouldn't be a problem. The XML parser built into my user agent would choke on anything that wasn't well-formed, and well-formedness is one of the biggest reasons for validation errors. Unfortunately, however, it wasn't catching XHTML-specific errors.

I have therefore altered my content negotiation script (on the si-blog only, for the time being) to specifically send the two validators application/xhtml+xml, so that it is easier for me to validate my markup.


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