Stupid baby names

Posted Feb 02, 2004 in Miscellaneous.

BBC News Online reports that Jon Blake Cusack, of Holland, Michigan, has named his son Version 2.0. Yes, you read that correctly. The poor bugger is going to be called Jon Blake Cusack 2.0.

This is the latest in a bizarre trend. Former silly baby names have included the following:

  • ESPN
  • Armani
  • Timberland
  • Canon
  • Del Monte
  • Chevy

It will only be a matter of time before we'll see Mozilla, Slashdot, and Linux. Incidentally, let me apologize in advance if any of my readers are actually blighted by one of these names. I take pity on you, especially if you're called ESPN.


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    I will name my kid Somebody, so when someone asks him his name he would reply: "Better don't ask, just Somebody".

    Posted by David Collantes on Feb 02, 2004.

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    There once was a man and a wife who named there first child, "Odd." As Odd grew up children teased him. "Ha Ha- You are Odd!"
    As Odd grew older and began dating, girls would giggle and laugh, "His name matches him! He is nothing but Odd!!"
    As Odd began his work life, the other's taunted, "He's the Odd man for the job!"
    As Odd settled into retirement, the neighbors whispered, "What an odd man that one is."
    As Odd lay on his death bed, he had but one request- to be buried in an UNMARKED grave. He could take the ridicule no longer.
    And so it happened. Odd died and was buried. Marking his grave is but a plain stone. Now when people walk by they remark, "Look at this. My, that's Odd!"

    Posted by Matt Burris on Feb 03, 2004.

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    Big Time.

    Posted by MaThIbUs on Jun 13, 2004.