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Posted Feb 07, 2004 in CSS.

Just for a few days, I have hijacked the home page to test an idea I have for a fixed-width layout. The intention in the future is to make it an alternate stylesheet for those users equipped with proper browsers. I am unlikely to build a stylesheet switcher into the design, so users of IE will be out of luck.

The layout is broken in all but modern browsers, but since it will eventually require the ability to change stylesheets, it is unlikely that those broken browsers will ever see it.

I would be grateful for any comments, particularly from those using IE/5 Mac and Safari. Remember this is just a test that I've hacked together over the last 4 hours, so don't expect it to be perfect.


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    Try this (may be a bit slow coming up today):

    In both Safari and IE5 the left gutter looks far to narrow compaired to all other gutters on the page. When doing layouts I always try to have similar spaces around all blocks of content, so there is a consistant feel.

    2cents :)

    Posted by Russ Weakley on Feb 07, 2004.

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    Thanks for the shots, Russ. It seems painfully obvious to me that I am going to have to get hold of a cheap Mac so that I can do testing on it.

    My inexperience with fixed-width designs is showing up here. I have always found fluid designs to be a piece of cake, but for some reason I struggle with the fixed variety.

    I'll do some more playing around when I get some spare time.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Feb 08, 2004.

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    I mostly like it but the shadow seems way too dark.

    Posted by Matt on Feb 08, 2004.

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    Okay, Matt. I've dropped the opacity of the shadow down to 60% from 80%. Does that seem better?

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Feb 09, 2004.

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    The navigation for IE 5.2.3 / Mac squishes up against the left border. The padding on the text is fine, which is different from what Browsercam displays.


    Posted by Lucian Teo on Feb 09, 2004.

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    LOL. Basically, it is garbage on too many browsers. Hmmm. Methinks I need to spend a LOT more time getting used to making fixed-width layouts.

    Thanks for all your input, chaps!

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Feb 09, 2004.