Junior wins the Daytona 500

Posted Feb 15, 2004 in Sport.

I would like to offer my congratulations to Dale Earnhardt Junior for winning NASCAR's prestigious Daytona 500, exactly 6 years after his great father did the same.

I first started watching NASCAR around the time Dale Earnhardt was killed, and I was soon following the fortunes of his son. I love to watch restrictor plate racing on the big ovals, and these seem to be Junior's speciality. This win was an inevitablity, as far as I am concerned. I hope he goes on to win the first NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship.

One thing I would like to mention: I was a bit annoyed that one of the world's greatest sporting events was held up by a certain George W. Bush seeking re-election. The self-styled "sports fan" left halfway through - probably because the cameras weren't pointing at him anymore.

Dale Junior has unfinished business to deal with tomorrow, as he tries to win the Busch series race in which he is leading. Following his victory in the Gatorade 125 on Thursday, a win tomorrow will round off a pretty good weekend for a man who is set to become as much as a legend as his father before him.


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