New terms to learn

Posted Feb 26, 2004 in Family.

I have been forced to learn new terminology recently: sewage ejector pit, backflow valve, and mushroom pipe for example. This have been invariably associated with banking terms like refinancing, home equity, and debt consolidation.

I must tell you about my wife. Throughout this catastrophe, she has micro-managed every detail - from negotiating with the bank to meeting with plumbers. She has coped with the kids, the dog, rain, sewage, insurance, food, and even the laundry. By doing this, she has allowed me to continue with my education relatively unhindered. Time and time again, she reminds me of what a wonderful, capable woman she is. She reminds me of why I love her so much.


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    Aren't women an amazing thing? My wife surprises me daily with her endurance, multitasking capabilities, excellent management and a common sense second to none (among other things). Really impressive.

    Posted by David on Feb 26, 2004.

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    Absolutely right. Sometimes women can seem weak and pathetic, but when the chips are down they seem to be able to pull incredible strength out from somewhere. Perhaps this is something they learn when they bring up a child, or perhaps it is just something genetic.

    All I know is this - I have always been able to rely on my wife. I'm a proud man, strong in character and intelligent, but there are times when I'm hopeless without my wife. She has always been a source of strength and inspiration to me, and I'll always been in her debt.

    The multi-tasking thing is incredible. Women of all ages seem to have this innate ability to handle many things are once.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Feb 26, 2004.