Freedom curtailed

Posted Mar 19, 2004 in Miscellaneous.

Freedom is one of the biggest reasons why the States of America are united in the first place. The country was founded on tolerance, inclusivity, freedom of speech, the separation of Church and State, and other fine ideals. I have noticed, however, that the nation is changing. These values are gradually being forgotten.

I am not a religious man, but I have no objection to the existence of religion, as long as it doesn't unreasonably interfere with my life. I would refer to myself as conservative, rather than liberal. However, what I would call extremist views in the Republican Party would prevent me from voting for them, were I to have the right to do so in the first place. I shall be seeking US Citizenship at the earliest opportunity, so that (among other things), I can exercise the right to vote.

I have started to notice that the choir of the religious right is singing more loudly than it did before. Republican dominance in our government institutions is making it easier for the right-wing to be heard. And what are they singing?

Gay couples should never have the right to marry, the Church should play a stronger role in governance and law, and views that deviate from the social norm (even by a tiny amount) should be censored.

The result is that couples that have loved each other for years are denied the legal commitment they deserve, and changes to the Constitution are suggested that may permanently prevent them from ever marrying. Copies of the Ten Commandments adorn legal institutions. Free speech is censored (or fined) because of FCC rulings. All of this just seems plain wrong to me.

One situation that particularly irks me is the treatment of Howard Stern by the FCC. I hate Howard Stern. I think he has nothing of value to offer the world, and consequently I never watch or listen to his shows. But he has the right to say whatever he wants to. It is a right that is enshrined in the Constitution. So why has the FCC fined him, and the stations that broadcast him? The FCC should not have that kind of power - it does not seem right.


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    I while ago I posted about this:

    Those are some of my points of view on this regard.

    On a different topic, Jessey, feed me a cookie, man, I am tired of typing here! :-)

    Posted by David on Mar 25, 2004.