Fixing a broken browser

Posted Mar 22, 2004 in Browsers.

This good work from Dean Edwards should be applauded. With a little bit more work, this suite of behaviors can warm the heart of the standards-happy designer.

What puzzles me is this. Isn't Microsoft just a little bit embarrassed about this? I am certain that if they chose to release their own revision of Internet Explorer that fixed all the broken things, they would receive cheers and bravos from the industry. It defies logic that they have chosen not to do so.


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    I blogged something very similar a while back:

    It appears the general sensus of oppinion is that Microsoft don't want to touch the code for IE as they are scared of breaking all the millions of little applications out their that use it/embed it.

    The IE developer team are all of doing other fun things - don't expect an update for some time... :-(

    Posted by Richard Allsebrook on Mar 23, 2004.