Creationists have no business in schools

Posted Apr 04, 2004 in Miscellaneous.

I saw a report on CNN's Headline News that Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution may no longer be taught in some US States, in favor of a Creationist theory called Intelligent Design Theory.

While the Darwinian theory that is currently taught in schools is probably flawed, it still presents a relatively robust model for explaining the changes in biological life on Earth. Intelligent Design Theory, however, does not. The American Association for the Advancement of Science resolved that it was inappropriate to be taught in schools, due to a lack of scientific warrant.

I think it is far more than that. I think it is nothing less than an attempt by America's religious right to introduce Creationism to schools through the back door. It is imposing a specific religious belief upon school children, and violating the separation of church and state that is enshrined in the Constitution.


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