It is nice to have a fat pipe

Posted Apr 06, 2004 in Technology.

No, this isn't a sex joke. It is almost two years since I junked my AOL dial-up in favor of Comcast's high-speed, cable-based Internet service. I am very happy with it indeed, especially now that they have recently doubled the download speed. In two years, the service has only been down 3 times. After calling the technical support department, I received a timely response and (if needed) a visit from a service engineer. I just thought I'd give credit where credit was due.


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    I would have to agree. I've also had the Comcast service for a little over 2 years and it's great. The best thing about it at the beginning was that my development didn't have cable modem access and Comcast ran special lines for me and just 2 other people. That's service huh?

    Posted by Todd on Apr 06, 2004.

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    Indeed. Comcast are to be commended for such things. To be honest, they have left DSL trailing far behind now.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Apr 06, 2004.

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    Out of curiosity, do they really send a service engineer? I have Road Runner (I live in Florida and TWC --or Bright House-- is the one in charge in my area) and everytime there are problems, a technician comes in. Every single one that has come is just a cable maker, which also happens to know how to operate a signal meter. No engineers there, but perhaps a technician...

    Posted by David Collantes on Apr 06, 2004.

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    Twice we have had service engineers come out to our house, excluding the original installation.

    The first engineer came out because we had signal strength problems. He was able to rerun cables, check the local "node", reconfigure the computer settings, and advise on routers and switches.

    The second engineer came out because of weather damage - the rain had seeped into the local node and damaged it. He began tracing our problems by checking the configuration of the PCs, then checked our cable modem, then the signal strength, and finally the node itself. After discovering the problem, he went off and came back with a partner and a ladder truck. He did some work at the top of a pole, and then on the node itself. After he was done, he came back to check everything in our house again.

    I considered this to be a fantastic service, which cost me nothing beyond my regular contract. I was able to specify a convenient day, and Comcast were able to give me a 2-hour visitation window. Both engineers seemed to know everything they needed to, about all aspects of the high-speed connection - and the cable TV.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Apr 07, 2004.

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    My want Comcast! :-) Bright House Networks is far from providing a fantastic service, I'll tell you that much...

    Posted by David Collantes on Apr 07, 2004.