Cure for cancer announced

Posted Apr 07, 2004 in Health.

Okay, that might be overstating it just a little bit; however, it represents wonderful news for the potent male.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute have found that frequent ejaculations do not increase the risk of prostate cancer. Indeed, plenty of screwing and masturbation may reduce that risk.

The study appears in today's edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association, although the full text of the article is only available to members/subscribers. It seems that almost 30,000 (mostly white) men were studied, and those that reported over 20 ejaculations per month showed a 33% decrease in cancer risk.

I'll be sure to let my wife know about the report tonight :)


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    I saw the title in my RSS reader and thought "Great! I can start smoking again!"

    But this...this is even better. I will forward this report to my wife:)

    Posted by Todd on Apr 07, 2004.