President Bu**sh**

Posted Apr 14, 2004 in Politics.

Politics has been annoying me so much over the last few weeks. So much so, in fact, that I've added a politics category so that I can vent about it without soiling the others. Consider this quote:

"This president is treated by both press and foreign leaders as if he were a child. He earns praise for the ordinary, for what used to be expected. His occasional ability to retain facts is cited as a triumph when it should, in fact, be a routine occurrence..."

I think that sums up last night's speech pretty well. President Bush managed to avoid almost every serious question, gave us no new (or useful) information about the Iraq debacle, and tried to win popular support by continously mentioning how he sympathized with the families of those lost. What is so alarming, however, is the fact that the quote comes from Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen (requires free membership), who was actually writing on June 02, 1983, about Ronald Reagan. It seems that almost nothing has changed in 20 years.


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    Bush's forté is not speech, certainly. I even think that whoever prepares his speeches is doing quite a lame job at it.

    On the politics side, you are right. Little has changed and little will. Pesimist? Perhaps, but objective, for the time being...

    Posted by David Collantes on Apr 14, 2004.

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    Wow, that quote really had me thinking it was about W.

    I watched part of the speech and I was amazed at how poorly he handled the speech in general and the questions. Sometimes I just can't believe that this guy is our president.

    Posted by Todd on Apr 14, 2004.