Another Zeldman

Posted Apr 16, 2004 in Family.

Crying baby wearing Jeffrey Zeldman's hat

Jeffrey and Carrie have just announced that they are expecting a baby in September. Let me be among the first to offer my congratulations to them both.

Incidentally, I must apologize for my lack of Photoshop skills. I am hopeful that they will improve with experience.

Update: Doug kindly tweaked the image for me. He managed to get the light source issues more or less resolved. I gave up on my own stumbling efforts to do that in the interest of speed. Thanks, Doug.


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    I have that book on my desk right now and I get that picture in my head everytime I look at it and start laughing.

    Posted by Todd on Apr 16, 2004.

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    You've taken what is probably the most well known image in the CSS-Design sphere and re-tweaked it within context to create a classic. I wreckon Mr. Zeldman would find it quite amusing also :)

    Posted by Andrew Krespanis on Apr 18, 2004.

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    Actually, I took the hat from a publicity photograph that was still kicking around my hard drive from many months ago. I cannot find the original online anymore, althought it was used by Molly recently - - my copy is a higher resolution.

    I cranked up Photoshop and selected the hat with the "Quick Mask" feature. I used to use the baby picture on an old 404 error page of mine, so I married the two together, tweaked things a bit and then gave it the appropriate orange background.

    I spent a few minutes blending the images together, and adding the glow effect behind the subject.

    I tried to match the shadows, but I found my lack of Photoshop skills would have meant it would've taken too long to do. I wanted to get it out quickly, so that it would be in the blogosphere while the news was still current.

    Doug Bowman kindly tweaked the shadows for me, and I substituted the older version for the tweaked version as soon as he emailed it to me.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Apr 19, 2004.

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    <a href="http:://">b3tan</a> to it, I was gonna do the exact same thing, but browsing for a suitable piccy led me too this website.

    small world.

    Posted by jim on Apr 21, 2004.