Posted May 09, 2004 in Miscellaneous.

I thought I'd just follow up on some earlier posts today - I hate loose strings. First off, unicode editors. After evaluating eight different unicode-friendly editors, I've come to the conclusion that they all suck. Well maybe that is a bit harsh. Basically, I don't like any of them. I wanted something like my existing software (the now defunct Webmaster), but with unicode support. For the time being, I'm going to try using Dreamweaver, with just about everything turned off. My hatred of the software is mostly irrational, but partly based on the fact that it likes to change things for you.

I'm pleased that any criticism in my entry about Jeffrey Zeldman's redesign has been addressed. My faith in the great man has been restored.

I still haven't figured out what is going on with my missing graphics. The problem only appeared after my last redesign, but I cannot see how any of those changes would cause the images to not appear on first viewing. It seems to be restricted to Internet Explorer.

I've started experimenting with Unicode. I have no immediate plans to switch this site over to using it, but I may build future sites with it. I'd be interested to hear about other people's adventures with it, from a weblog perspective in particular.


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    Personally I really like Dreamweaver, but I've also been playing with Texturizer lately as well and it's very fast and works quite well for a lot of things I do. I think it's from the same people who develop Firefox, which says something.

    Posted by Matt on May 09, 2004.

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    I'm not a developer or anything, but as a user I'm interested in seeing why you didn't like Code-Genie. I've used it for years now, and I'm interested in seeing how it didn't work for what you're doing. For me the most useful feature is how it tabs and indents your PHP, although I'm sure other editors do that as well. But Code-Genie has such a low memory footprint...

    Posted by Basil Crow on May 09, 2004.

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    Let me answer your question first, Basil. Code-Genie does most of the things I need; however, I really like having an Explorer-like pane on the left of the screen, similar to the way the old ColdFusion interface worked before it was MXified. I cannot put my finger on exactly why I don't like it, but for some reason it just doesn't feel right, if you know what I mean.

    Matt, I haven't looked at Texturizer. I will do so immediately :)

    Posted by Simon Jessey on May 10, 2004.

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    Hmmm. Texturizer seems to be making a pig's ear of unicode. Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on May 10, 2004.

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    I figured out the Texturizer problem. It only has limited support for unicode (it converts stuff it doesn't understand).

    Posted by Simon Jessey on May 10, 2004.

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    That Texturizer Editor seems to be the way to go! It seems more powerful than some of the other editors I have tried.. I remember back in the day using "notepad" and even "ultraedit." It is amazing what smart programmers can come up with in a couple years :)

    Posted by Iville on May 22, 2004.

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    I am now using UltraEdit - in fact I coughed up the fee for it a couple of days ago. It seems to answer most of my needs.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on May 24, 2004.