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Posted May 11, 2004 in Events.

I have never attended any web conferences, seminars, or workshops. The events I get to hear about are always too far away, or I am too busy to attend them; however, I would like to start attending a few each year.

So which ones? Tell me if you know of any good conferences/seminars/workshops, particularly those within the triangle of Boston, Chicago, and Raleigh. I was hoping to attend a Meet The Makers, but it sort of died a death.


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    I'll be keeping an eye on this. I've been looking for web conferences, etc. in the Philadelphia area. I have a friend who works for an interactive firm in the city, maybe he would have some info.

    Posted by Todd on May 11, 2004.

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    I've only been to one, which was SxSW Interactive in Austin. It was fantastic - 3 days of great company in a great city. The only downside was I ended up sleeping through half of the actual panels because I'd been so busy the night before. Thoroughly recommended.

    Posted by Simon Willison on May 11, 2004.

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    Regarding SxSW - I've heard nothing but good things about that. Despite the aggravation of going all the way to Austin, I think I'll make that one of my "must dos".

    Regarding Philly - You'd think that with a fine conference center and good infrastructure, Philly would be a prime spot for something like this. Unfortunately, it seems to be something of a Dead Zone at the moment.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on May 11, 2004.