New Riders collection

Posted May 13, 2004 in Books.

Collection of New Riders books

Looking up at my bookshelf this morning, I realized that I had picked up quite a few books from the same publisher - New Riders. I also have some from their parent Peachpit. What struck me as amazing, however, is that all of these books are excellent. They have all been highly influential in my work (except for Defensive Design for the Web, which hasn't had time to be influential yet!) and I rely on them all for guidance. Here is the complete list, in order of purchase:

  1. Designing with Web Standards - Jeffrey Zeldman
  2. Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design - Eric Meyer
  3. PHP Programming for Windows - Andrew Stopford
  4. Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization - Andrew B. King
  5. Web Design on a Shoestring - Carrie Bickner
  6. More Eric Meyer on CSS - Eric Meyer
  7. Defensive Design for the Web - Matthew Linderman and Jason Fried

New Riders seem to consistently turn out excellent books from some of the most influential people in web design and development. I'm confident that this trend will continue.


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