A happy place

Posted Jun 01, 2004 in Web Design.

I love designing and building web sites. I am now in the advanced planning stage of a new si-blog, which I intend to be technically superior to anything I've ever done before, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It may not be as sophisticated as some of the sites built around fancy blogging tools, but it will be good for a hand-rolled effort. There is something very satisfying about ground-up designs - a feeling I used to get when I used to be a videotape editor.

I haven't quite decided at what stage to roll it out. I don't expect the core site to be complete until late August, so it may be necessary to deploy it unfinished. The longer I persist with this early effort, the harder it will be to transfer everything to the new system. The alternative is to simply wait until everything is complete; however, I'm sure it will be fun for users to watch it evolve in public.

However it goes, it is going to be good fun doing it. I'm having a week at the beach in early July, and I might take my laptop with me so I can work on it. I've become such a cave dweller...


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    I am already looking forward to see the transfigurations. Live site changes are in fashion, you know that, right?

    Posted by David Collantes on Jun 01, 2004.

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    They are also frightening exposures of ones inner self!

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Jun 01, 2004.

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    My advice is to deploy early. There's nothing like an unfinished /public/ site that people are actively visiting to spur you on to completion :)

    Posted by Simon Willison on Jun 01, 2004.