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Posted Jun 05, 2004 in Technology.

Keystone Websites is now hosted by DreamHost and I expect will follow at a later date, probably in conjuction with the rebuild of the si-blog.

Thus far, I am happy with the service that DreamHost is providing. During the process of setting things up, a helpful support team answered all my questions. The control panel is well specified with the usual hosting tools; however, I find it rather unintuitive and complicated.

Good hosting is hard to find, and the jury is still out on DreamHost. I will give you another report in a couple of months.


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    I hope Dreamhost do not let you down, like it did for Tomas ( ). Looking forward to see the new --and improved-- si-blog.

    Posted by David Collantes on Jun 05, 2004.

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    Of course, moving to any new host is a journey into the unknown. DreamHost is over 4 times more expensive than MediaCatch, and I hope I am buying reliability.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Jun 06, 2004.