si-blog problems

Posted Jun 08, 2004 in si-blog.

In his infinite wisdom, Anne suggested that I post about what I hope to achieve with the forthcoming version of this weblog. I probably should have done this sooner, since I have already begun behind-the-scenes development; however, I am not so far into it that wholesale changes cannot be made. I did post a simple list recently, but I need to elaborate further.

At the moment, the si-blog is a simple, home-brewed content management system. I am relatively new to dynamic web design, having really only come into it about a year ago. Prior to the beginning of this year, I had basic knowledge of ASP and ColdFusion, but no experience with PHP beyond using it as a form handler. I decided to learn PHP, and I thought that creating a rudimentary CMS with it would be a good way to do it.

The growing popularity of the si-blog has been gratifying on a personal level, but it has severely taxed my half-assed system. It is clear that radical changes are necessary. A complete, ground-up redesign seems to be the best way to go, and I will discuss the finer details of this in my next entry.


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