Stopdesign continues to evolve

Posted Jun 08, 2004 in Web Design.

Doug Bowman continues to demonstrate his visual flair, as Stopdesign continues to evolve. Each section of Doug's site is now beautifully decorated with a common theme, welcoming the user with open arms.

Because Stopdesign now has a fixed width, Doug has turned his home page into a three-column layout. Main content now occupies far less space - indeed it seems to be the narrowest column of all. At first sight, I was rather alarmed at this; however, I saw that when I clicked on the permanent link for an entry, the layout changed to a two-column design, giving me a wider content column (which I much prefer) to read. From a visual standpoint, I prefer this new solution; however, from a usability standpoint, I do not. The extra click it requires is a little annoying, as previously discussed. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed, and deeply jealous of Doug's talent.


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    Didn't I tell you he wasn't done? IMHO, the previous, short-lived incarnation, was really ugly...

    Posted by David Collantes on Jun 08, 2004.

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    Ops! My bad! I wasn't talking about Stop Design, but Mezzoblue... :-) I have always liked Stop Design...

    Posted by David Collantes on Jun 08, 2004.