Lots happening

Posted Jun 14, 2004 in Personal.

This is a very busy summer for my family and I. My stepdaughter is graduating from high school (rarely updated site), after an amazing year that culminated in her becoming the 2004 AAA State Long Jump Champion of Pennsylvania, with a leap of 17 feet 5 inches. Earlier in the year, she had indoor and outdoor jumps over 18 feet. After several weeks of Proms, awards ceremonies, commemorations, and banquets, her graduation ceremony will be later this week. In September, she'll begin her time at Penn State University, where she will probably do several track and field events.

In early July, I'll be taking a short vacation in North Carolina's beautiful Outer Banks - Avon, in actual fact - where I hope to catch up on some rest and reading. I'm renting an SUV so that I can drive on the beach, although I am a little concerned about the cost of gasoline over the 800-mile round trip!

My own graduation ceremony happens in late July. I'll have family visiting from the UK, on what will be my mother's first trip to the USA.

In August, my family and I will probably share the house with a team of builders and landscapers. We are planning to clad the house in new siding, have a new porch built, and get our front yard regraded in an effort to fix the destruction caused by the plumbing horrors we had in the spring.

So when am I going to find time to work on the rebuild of this blog? Well, I am hoping to take my wife's laptop to the beach with me and get a little work done there. Unfortunately, there will be no Internet connection; therefore, I will be denied the usual repository of information I draw from when working on a project such as this. Expect slow progress, I'm afraid.


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