Posted Jul 15, 2004 in Markup, Databases, PHP, si-blog, Web Design.

This is just a test post, so please ignore it. I need to check on generic viagra online pharmacy a few things, and it helps to where can you buy zithromax cheap make an entry. For example, it gives me the opportunity to check that multiple categories is working correctly!

I'll take the opportunity to remind you that huge areas of the site are currently broken. Permalinks for entries are okay (using the where to buy cheap sumycin new URL scheme, order cialis without a prescription or the old one). Comments will eventually get permalinks too - if you view the source, you will see that each comment is getting a unique identifier, so it is already possible to link to them individually; however, I haven't yet worked out a nice way of flagyl discount canada for sale linking to them. The archive is how to buy viagra still busted, but you can get to most of the entries through Categories.


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