Quick movie reviews

Posted Aug 02, 2004 in Movies.

On Friday, I saw The Bourne Supremacy. What should have been a great movie was completely ruined by Bochco-esque camera movements that induced a feeling of motion-sickness. I would have loved the movie if it wasn't for that distraction. My poor wife had to keep her eyes closed for most of the film.

I, Robot was a pleasant surprise. I had expected one of Isaac Asimov's greatest works to have been butchered by this film, but Alex Proyas managed to create a thought-provoking and entertaining movie. It reminded me of the feelings I had when I watched The Matrix for the first time, and that is definitely a good thing.

I watched Starsky and Hutch on DVD last night, after missing it's cinema run. My first impression was that the film was brilliantly cast, particularly with respect to Ben Stiller. During the first hour, there was plenty to keep me laughing; however, the formula was getting a bit old by the final act, and it was beginning to remind me of the Aykroyd/Hanks movie Dragnet, and that is definitely a bad thing.


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