Comments are back

Posted Aug 05, 2004 in Blogging, PHP, si-blog.

I have restored comment functionality, but in a limited capacity. It is probably a bit buggy, but I was keen to get them back up. I've been missing the input of my readers. Later, I hope to improve them.


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    Found you through your recent Asterisk* post about link exchanging. Anyway, wanted to make a few general comments: I'm from Media - welcome to the states! I went to Strath Haven, but now live in Nashville. Your comment problems may be a reason why blog coding experts still use MT or WP. I've never used anything other than MT, as it would have been too much work to create my own blog or test a bunch of mediums. It all depends on your needs, I guess. I wanted something that a lot of people are familiar with so I that I can get help with it when I need it - there are good tutorials on integrating it with Gallery, which I use as well.

    Posted by RockOfVictory on Aug 15, 2004.