Doomed Doom

Posted Aug 12, 2004 in Personal.

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As previously mentioned, I am having problems running Doom 3 on my machine. A continuous discussion with people at Activision has not really helped. It seems that my NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4600 is the main culprit, but nobody is even able to give me a definitive answer on that. I have the following options:

  1. Spend thousands of dollars on a gaming PC, plunging me deeper debt horrors - a little extreme since I'm really only interested in Doom 3.
  2. Wait for months until I can afford a new graphics card, at least $200 when I last looked.
  3. Send Doom 3 back, seek a refund, and pretend I'm an adult again.

I'll probably wait it out. Returning Doom 3 would be a degrading, humiliating experience. Maybe the rumored “patch” will come out, and my problems will be solved? Or not.

Anyway, if anyone knows of tips to help me to get Doom 3 going, please indulge yourself in the comments.


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    Uninstall the latest drivers for your nVidia card (4600 Ti) and install the 45.23 drivers. I guarantee that fixes it. I have the same card and I know that higher drivers cause other games to crash as well.

    Posted by Ryan on Sep 07, 2004.