Fixed a few things

Posted Aug 13, 2004 in Databases, PHP, si-blog, Web Design, XHTML.

During my recent redesign, I was forced to break a few things for the sake of expediency. I've had a little bit of time today, so I have slowly begun to restore some of the original functionality that was lost. For example:

  • The archive is back up, albeit in a simplified and incomplete form. It doesn't have a new URL, but I use mod-rewrite to give it a nicer path.
  • The page about me is back up. I have slightly rewritten the text, and there is no picture at the moment. I am alarmed that in 33 years of life there is not a single nice picture of me anywhere. I think a picture helps readers to connect with me, and it is no way an ego thing.
  • I've revamped my articles page, so that it takes on the appearance of the rest of the site. Perhaps I will write some more of them, either as part of or Keystone Websites.

I will probably look to revamping my visa pages soon, but my next target will probably be my XHTML tutorial. It gets a lot of visitors, and it is currently unstyled and in need of updating a little bit.


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    I'm one of the visitors to your XHTML tutorial. It's straight-forward "vanilla-style" and confuses me less than other tutorials dealing with the same subject matter.

    Posted by kartooner on Aug 18, 2004.

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    I'm glad to hear that. It needs a little attention (I've learned a little more since then, and I'd like to incorporate a little of that), but I intend to keep it simple. I may sprinkle a few further reading references around.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Aug 19, 2004.