Yard work

Posted Aug 13, 2004 in Family, Miscellaneous, Personal.

This morning, a team of green-fingered gentlemen turned up to begin work on clearing our front and back yards of all the excess foliage that has built up over the years. For a few days, depending on the activities of Hurricane Charley, the guys will be chopping down a few trees, clearing brush, and generally removing anything that looks remotely unsightly.

We are getting some construction work done immediately after. A new front entrance and siding will go up, and our side porch will be revamped into a summer retreat. Once that work is complete, the landscaping guys will return to pretty everything up, and we'll have a new driveway and front paths laid.

Needless to say, this is all going to cost a few pennies, but we think it will be a worthy investment for when we gear up to sell the place in a few years.


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