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Posted Sep 14, 2004 in England, Family, Personal.

After a wonderful trip to England, I have returned home to my little corner of Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, I went out and about with my mother. We had a largely unproductive look around Guildford's Friary, where I was trying to find a good quality suitcase and some candy for my wife. In the end, I found both in Epsom's Ashley Shopping Centre.

I was able to spend quality time with my mother, father, and brother during the rest of the week. I had a chance to see my brother's new apartment in London, and he took me to see his office at Citigroup's fancy building in Canary Wharf.

On Saturday, my father had an evening party at his house, to celebrate his birthday. It was good to see Dad in his element, wining and dining his friends and family. On Sunday, I had the chance to meet the team behind GuardHome, an Essex based security company, after building their website over the last few weeks. From there I went to see my sister's place, and I was pleased to see how settled she was in her new home.

I got back late last night, after a relatively painless flight. I came laden with candy, gravy granules, and my favorite brand of shower gel. My wife was waiting for me at Philadelphia International Airport, and I cannot tell you how happy I was to see her beaming at me. Visiting my family was fun, but I sure missed my wife while I was away.


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    Welcome back to the Philly area Simon! Glad that you had a good trip.

    Y'know, my wife and I would love to visit England sometime. It looks like a great place.

    Posted by Todd on Sep 15, 2004.

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    Hi Simon,
    I've just reading your latest updates about coming to England. It was so good to spend some time with you as I have missed you more than you can imagine. You're just the same wonderful son you've always been and I am so proud of all you've achieved since you married Deborah. She's a wonderful daughter-in-law and I look forward to seeing her and Parker again in the New Year.
    My fondest love to you and the family
    Mum x

    Posted by Brenda Jessey on Sep 15, 2004.

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    Todd: Thanks for the WB. If you plan on visiting England, I recommend going in May - the weather is usually very good, and the countryside is at its most beautiful.

    Mum: Thank you for taking care of me over the last few days. As always, it was a pleasure to see you. I can't wait to visit again after Christmas, and Parker is VERY excited about being over there.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Sep 15, 2004.

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    i live in derby (in middle england) and i would say good places too visit all over the uk would be north wales lots of history there (especialy if castles are what you are looking for!) when i went too the far north of scotland (ullapool) the countryside was beautiful and untouched with suprisingly clear watered creamy sands. but to be honest there is history were ever you go but i would definatley say ask an english person on where to go or where they go on hollidays in the uk. hope that helps ..... ohhh my crumpets are ready! p.s. warick castle is one of the best in the world!!!

    Posted by alex on Oct 20, 2004.

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    Thanks for the comments, Alex, but you may not have realized that I am a native of England. I only moved to the US in 2001.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Oct 21, 2004.