The Man of Steel

Posted Oct 11, 2004 in Health, Movies, Politics, Science.

Image of Christopher Reeve portraying Superman

I remember the adrenalin pumping, the hair standing up on the back of my neck, my eyes widening in amazement, and the crescendo of music as Superman rocketed up the side of the building to catch a falling Lois Lane. As if that wasn't incredible enough, he then catches a falling helicopter with his other hand. The people in the cinema were cheering just as loudly as the crowd at the foot of the building.

Twenty-six years later, Christopher Reeve has just died, after a serious infection that followed a pressure wound. Since 1995, Reeve had been paralysed after breaking his neck in a riding accident. His heroic effort to overcome his injury, and his strong advocacy of spinal cord research over the last 9 years, have been an inspiration to all with similar injuries. The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation continues to look for a cure, and for treatments that might help in cases of paralysis.

In the end, Christopher Reeve didn't need a red cape to show the world that he was hero. As Superman, and as Christopher, he will always be remembered as the Man of Steel.


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    Too sad. Another one of my favorite entertainers has passed on, but at least he's in a better place -- flying high I suppose.

    Posted by kartooner on Oct 13, 2004.