Philadelphia Eagles games being blogged

Posted Oct 29, 2004 in Blogging, Friends, Sport.

Good friend of mine Vince Wertman, a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, is now blogging about the Eagles. After each game, Vince promises to provide post-game comments - right through until the inevitable Superbowl victory! Expect a blend of insightful analysis and personal thoughts.


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    Thanks, Simon! Although my weblog is not quite as advanced as Simon's, or many others, it still gives information and the opportunity for debate. Anyone who is an Eagles fan should check it out. If you're not even a sports fan you should still check it out.

    You will find stats and even injury updates in my posts. I follow the Eagles, and all sports for that matter, very closely. So chances are if there is something you want to know about the Eagles, or sports in general, I am sure I can help.

    I will also be posting other things besides sports. Since I am a die-hard Eagles fan, I am mainly posting about them right now.

    So please everyone, feel free to post! I love hearing what other people think. Yes, I even love to hear people disagree with me, that makes it more fun!

    Posted by Vince on Nov 03, 2004.

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    greg lewis is terrible. he's like the rubberband man, everything bounces off of him

    Posted by mike on Jan 02, 2005.

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    Go Eagles!! All my friends have ordered gear that they plan on wearing until Jax. Check out

    Posted by Chris on Jan 23, 2005.