Go out and vote

Posted Nov 02, 2004 in Politics.

You really begin to appreciate just how important the right of voting is when you can't. Despite being of voting age and paying taxes, as a “conditional greencard holder” (my current status), I am not allowed to vote.

So for yourself, and for me - go out and exercise your right to vote.

Oh, and if you are doing it for me, vote for John Kerry and the Democrats.


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    And for me too, I'm European :P

    Of course, I'd vote for Kerry...

    Posted by Rob Mientjes on Nov 02, 2004.

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    Yes, once again I agree with Simon. Yes, go out, and vote for Badnarik!


    Posted by Moose on Nov 02, 2004.

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    Thank you, gentlemen.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Nov 02, 2004.

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    I agree with Rob. Since I'm Dutch too I can't vote either :(
    Would vote for Kerry though.

    Posted by Blizt on Nov 02, 2004.

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    As another limey in the same position as Simon, please vote for Kerry and I'll let you off of that drink you owe me!

    Posted by Adrian Rinehart-Balfe on Nov 02, 2004.