Firefox 1.0

Posted Nov 09, 2004 in Browsers, Events, Technology.

The Mozilla Foundation has released Firefox 1.0 today. Arguably the best browser in the world, the release is being internationally reported, with very favorable commentaries and reviews.

As of this moment (10:50am Eastern Standard Time), the Mozilla and Firefox websites appear to be a little overwhelmed, so I imagine that interest in the new software is very high indeed. For people wishing to download it, the FTP server may prove to be a more reliable source today.


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    I recently switched to firefox and I think it's great, especially the user contributions. My favourite contributions include the mouse guestures one(I used to use Opera) and the Foxytunes one which allows you to control your music from within the browser.

    Anyway, firefox. Good Call.

    Posted by Iain on Jan 16, 2005.