Posted Dec 10, 2004 in Health, Miscellaneous, Personal.

The wisdom tooth issue turned out to be a false alarm, mercifully. It turned out to be just a severely inflammed gum. My cold, however, has lasted for almost two weeks now, and it has shown no signs clearing up. I am continuously coughing and blowing my nose, and now that the NyQuil has lost its effectiveness, my nights are tiresome to say the least. Sniff.


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    I hear ya, man. I too have had a nasty cold for about 2 weeks now. I highly recommend TheraFlu (or a generic equivalent). Knocks me out cold (no pun intended). I'm so tired of blowing my nose and coughing. It truly sucks being sick for weeks on end. I think my son and I just keep giving it back and forth to each other.

    Posted by Chad on Dec 13, 2004.