Let it snow

Posted Jan 19, 2005 in Weather.

Apart from the five flakes that fell yesterday, the snow has been remarkably absent from my little corner of Pennsylvania. Another five flakes are expected to fall today, with perhaps somewhat more at the weekend.

I like to see the snow. It makes everywhere look pretty, and it introduces an ethereal silence - a bit like fog, but in a nice way. The distant noise of traffic is dulled, and all you can hear is the crisp sound the snow makes as you trudge through it.

Of course, clearing the stuff sucks. The Borough of Swarthmore requires us to clear snowfall from the sidewalk within 24 hours after it stops snowing, or face a fine. When the borough can afford ploughs, one invariably dumps street snow all over the path you just cleared.

Those people who use real web browsers get served with a PNG of the si-blog logo, on which a little snow has already fallen. Browsers that don't recognize the CSS child selector get no snow, because they see a GIF of the regular si-blog logo instead. So if you want to see snow this year, upgrade to a proper web browser!


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    I like your "carrot on a stick" method of encouraging your audience to get a decent browser. I shall hence-forward promise png fireworks to all who quit the bad ol' browser...

    Posted by Matthew on Jan 19, 2005.

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    At one point, I was thinking of denying the ability to leave comments to browsers other than those that are Gecko-based, but on reflection it seemed a bit extreme!

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Jan 19, 2005.