Cool snow-moving thingy

Posted Jan 19, 2005 in Gadgets.

Image of a plastic snow auger

First I had to attach the long bit to the fat bit with two nuts and bolts. I couldn't find a correctly-sized spanner, so I hand-tightened them. Then I took it out for a test drive.

The Trail Blazer Snow Auger was fiddly to work with at first. You have to get the right angle; too high, and the snow passes underneath the scoop - too low, and the auger screw doesn't turn (making the unit function like a crappy snow shovel). Get it right, however, and the thing shifts snow with ease.

It only works on level ground. Our badly-damaged driveway (grooves in the asphalt where the wheels roll) was uncooperative, but it dealt with the front sidewalk like a charm. Of course, the initial test was on powdery, freshly-fallen snow - it might be a bit different with six inches of the wet stuff.

You see, I can't afford a gas-powered snow blower. Perhaps when I move to a new home in about 3 years, I might be able to get one. In the meantime, this little puppy will do the trick. It only cost $30 from Home Depot, so it was worth the money.


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    Just bought one too! Except (sorry to break it to you), it was 1/2 price at HOme Depot in Mahwah today. $17, and I love this. It actually is supplementing my snow throwr.

    Posted by NICKC on Jan 22, 2005.