Thanks, Steve

Posted Jan 19, 2005 in Personal.

My faith in humanity has been restored today. I carelessly dropped my wallet as I got out of my car in the parking lot of our local grocery store. As I entered the store, I realized it was missing. After frantically searching my pockets, the ground, and the car, I concluded that I must have dropped it at my last port of call.

I drove back as quickly as possible and looked around where I'd parked before. Nothing. The bookstore I'd been shopping in hadn't seen it, so it must have been lost between buying the book and getting out of the car at the grocery store.

I took my cell phone out of my pocket to call the bank and cancel my cards, and almost dropped it as it suddenly started ringing. It was the grocery store, asking me if I'd “lost something recently.”

Joy! Woohoo!

I zipped back to the grocery store and retrieved the wallet. The elderly chap who collects the shopping carts had picked it up, and the nice people in Customer Service had found my cell phone number in the wallet.

So, a very big thank you to Steve (the cart man) and the customer service people at Genuardi's of Springfield, Pennsylvania.


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    Cool Simon,

    A bit like me with my mobile phone on the luck side (especially getting a call before you cancelled your cards) but better due to Steve.

    I bet you were just happy as punch after that!!!

    Seems like I have not seen you for ages. I need to try and arrange another trip out there sometime later this year (if you guys don't mind). I am dying for another one of those triple deckers from Wendy's!!!!

    Posted by Tim on Jan 25, 2005.