One more game

Posted Jan 27, 2005 in Sport.

When tight end Chad Lewis injured his right foot in the 2005 NFC Championship game, the only healthy men left on the roster were L.J. Smith and Mike Bartrum (the long snapper). The Eagles needed another tight end.

On Monday, Chad Lewis phoned his friend Jeff Thomason, who went to two SuperBowls with the Green Bay Packers, and told him he was recommending him for the job. The following day, the Philadelphia Eagles signed him up for a one game deal.

Incredibly, Thomason has spent the last two years working as project manager for a construction company in New Jersey. He retired from the NFL in 2002 after 3 seasons with the Eagles, but he says he is still in shape:

“I know what is expected of me and it's perfect. The fact I'm replacing Chad, who is one of my dearest friends, means a lot to me. This is a very special situation.”

Jeff has spent 10 years playing in the West Coast Offense, most of which has been under Andy Reid (either at the Eagles, or the Packers), so he should fit right in.


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    Nevertheless, I still think it is an amazing story. To come out of retirement for just one game, and then have that game be the SuperBowl! I hear his co-workers are teasing him because he is taking two weeks of work LOL.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Jan 28, 2005.