What is all the Skype about?

Posted Feb 02, 2005 in Technology.

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After reading about it on Signal vs. Noise, I signed up for the new Skype internet telephony service. I'm going to try it out for a few days (including calling the folks back in England) to see if Skype matches the hype. If anyone wants to converse with me (no wack-jobs please), email me your Skype username and email address, and I'll send you back mine.

Once I've given it a good thrashing, I'll report back here in a few days with my thoughts on the service. I will let you know if I'm keeping it or cancelling it.


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    I had a good conversation in IMs with Rob Mientjes, and I was stuck by how nice the IM interface was. My only bugbear was that I couldn't find a way to do bold, italics, and underlines if I wanted them.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Feb 02, 2005.

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    Fair point. Though I just use Markdown-like indicators - i.e. underscores and asterisks - to emphasise things. That's why I like Skype: you can always talk :)

    Posted by Rob Mientjes on Feb 03, 2005.