Posted Feb 07, 2005 in Sport.

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Congratulations to the Patriots for winning the SuperBowl, but it was more a case of the Eagles losing the game. It was exciting, but for Eagles fans it was very frustrating. Despite an absolutely fabulous performance by Terrell Owens, and key plays by Brian Westbrook, L.J. Smith, and Greg Lewis, the Eagles were beaten by a lacklustre performance from Donovan McNabb and poor management of the clock by Andy Reid.

A complete inability to deliver a hurry-up offense was a key problem for the Eagles, who almost snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. The New England Patriots were able to capitalize on several turnovers, with a good running game and strong showings in the red zone. The Philadelphia Eagles defense kept its team in the game until the very end, but poor play selection and interceptions left the fans hoping for better next year.

SuperBowl XXXX will be in Detroit next year, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a rematch of these two teams. If McNabb can be cured of his big-game jitters, and Andy Reid can address his time-management issues, it's anybody's game.


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