SuperBowl commercials and the halftime show

Posted Feb 07, 2005 in Events, Miscellaneous, Sport.

I liked some of the SuperBowl commercials. Ford had a commercial called “Roadhouse” (flash video), which ended with a funny twist, and the usual crop of Budweiser and Pepsi commericals were relatively entertaining, but none of them were up there with the greats of the past.

The pre-game music was dreadful but the halftime show was really good. Paul McCartney clearly enjoyed himself as he banged out some of his most memorable songs. After a couple of hits with the guitar, McCartney moved to the piano and unleashed an enthusiastic version of “Live And Let Die”, accompanied by a spectacular and well-timed fireworks display. The finale was crowd-favorite “Hey, Jude”, with the whole stadium joining in at the end. I can honestly say that it was one of the best halftime shows I have ever seen, and it made last year's performance look all the more ridiculous.


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    All I caught really was the halftime show, and I was glad I did. He rocked. Nice to see a class act instead of some teenie-bopper or hip hop crap, eh? I think after last years fiasco, they knew that had to get someone they could count on to put on a good, classy show. And McCartney definitely pulled it off for them. It's like getting Willie Nelson, you can't go wrong.

    Posted by Chad on Feb 09, 2005.

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    << It's like getting Willie Nelson, you can't go wrong >>

    Bwaaaahaaaahaaa! Did you really say that, Chad? LOL.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Feb 10, 2005.