Sweet sounds

Posted Feb 15, 2005 in Gadgets, Music, Sound.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally purchased some good quality speakers to go with my rather snazzy Dolby Digital receiver. Until recently, I've been struggling along with a couple of 12-year-old plastic-coated speakers from Memorex, and the cheap Hitachi surround speakers that came with a television I once owned. I swear my speaker cables were worth more than the boxes attached to them.

Good speakers are expensive, so I have decided to spread out the cost a little bit. For starters, I have purchased and installed a pair of Monitor 60s from Polk. I added one of their PSW12 12-inch powered subwoofers to give the system some much-needed bottom end. Later on this year, I hope to add two pairs of Monitor 40s for the surround effects, and perhaps a CS2 center channel speaker, although my existing center channel speaker is pretty good.

I spend much of my freetime watching science fiction series and blockbuster movies, so a good Dolby Digital system is essential. My wife and I are also getting the benefit of an enhanced musical experience too, with the new system revealing details that we didn't know existed in our musical collections. Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon sounded incredible all over again.


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