Ear protection

Posted Feb 16, 2005 in Gadgets, Sound, Sport.

I am going to my first NASCAR race this summer. I'll be seeing the Pocono 500 at Pocono Raceway in June. I've been a big fan of NASCAR ever since I moved to the United States, but I've not had an opportunity to go to a race, for one reason or another.

I've been to Le Mans on several occasions, and I've also seen Formula One, so I'm familiar with the kind of noise to expect. A NASCAR race in a more confined area, so I am convinced that I need to get ear protection for my wife and I.

Since we are both fans of Dale Junior, I thought I might get a couple of these. What do you think?


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    If I was going to a race, and if I was a fan of the man, those are exactly what I would be looking to buy, if I could afford them.
    I won't, am not, will not and can't!
    Enjoy the race dude!

    Posted by Adrian Rinehart-Balfe on Feb 19, 2005.