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Posted Feb 21, 2005 in Books, CSS, Web Design.

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I've had it on order for months and months, but now (at last) The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web is shipping! I've been eager to see how Dave Shea and Molly Holzschlag will use examples from the CSS Zen Garden to demonstrate modern web design techniques.

I've long been a fan of CSS, and I use the technology extensively in all my web design work; however, the techniques and designs often seen in the CSS Zen Garden show how far I still have to come in visual design creativity and control. I would like to think that this book will help me improve my web design skills, and perhaps it will be as much of an inspiration to me as the Zen Garden site itself.


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    I too can't wait until this arrives on my doorstep. Although, I ordered from Overstock and they still haven't sent out an email notice that it's been shipped, nor have they updated the status online.

    Likewise, I'm hoping it will improve my CSS layout skills and hopefully I'll have the courage to submit a garden entry myself. :) You too, Simon, I'm rooting for you to release one as well.

    Posted by kartooner on Feb 22, 2005.

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    It is funny you should say that. I've made several aborted attempts at doing a Zen Garden entry, but I do have one partially-completeted design that might (with a bit more work) be worthy of submission. I don't have time to work on it at the moment, however, because I'm working on an image gallery application.

    Until recently, I've not had access to a digital camera. I bought one for my wife for Christmas, so now I can take snaps to incorporate in visual designs. Once I've finished building the gallery (which was prompted by the purchase of the camera), I'll turn my attention back to The Garden.

    Incidentally, I ordered my copy from, and they still haven't listed it as shipping. I imagine that there are a few distribution problems.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Feb 22, 2005.

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    Amazon is now giving me a delivery estimate for April 27th! I have no idea why there is such a delay.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Feb 24, 2005.

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    UPS delivered my copy of the book today, so I guess Amazon got their distribution sorted out.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Mar 03, 2005.