Driving in snow

Posted Feb 25, 2005 in Miscellaneous, Personal, Weather.

We had about five inches of snow last night - not a big deal, but more than enough to whip the media up into a snowstorm frenzy. It is sunny today, and everywhere looks beautiful. This morning, I dropped my stepson off at school because they have a two-hour delay in my area if more than eight or nine flakes of snow fall from the sky.

Although I enjoy driving in snow (well it's a bit of fun, isn't it?), I do my best to observe the poor conditions. To all intents and purposes it means I reduce my speed, watch for people sliding through intersections, and leave plenty of extra time to stop. That seems reasonable, doesn't it? Not to everyone, it seems:

For the impatient person in the green Mercedes...
I was driving on snowy roads at the speed limit. I wasn't going to speed up, no matter how long you blasted your horn at me.
For the guy in the beige Suburban...
Your car weighs around 4 tons. If you drive at 30 miles per hour in good conditions, your stopping distance in a regular car is about 75 feet. When you factor in the slushy conditions and weight of your car, that number is closer to 300 feet - the length of a football field. So what the fuck were you doing driving at almost 50?
For the woman driving the school bus full of kids...
You stupid bitch. Were you trying to overtake the motherfucker in the Suburban?

I just despair at the stupidity of people sometimes.


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    Funny. Here in northwest Arkansas, when there is a remote chance of a dusting of snow, the news stations all put people out on busy intersections like 8 hours before it might start to snow. Then every 3 minutes during the newscast, they go LIVE to the "person in the field" and ask them "Is it snowing out there yet?" They repeat this for the entire newscast, even though the damn weatherman just told them it might snow in 8 hours. It's funny. Just once I want the person out in the cold to say something like "Does it fucking look like it's fucking snowing yet?" That would be beautiful.

    Posted by Chad on Feb 25, 2005.