Heterogeneous homogeny redux

Posted Mar 21, 2005 in Miscellaneous.

To quote from an earlier entry from October 2003:

Sometimes I like to blog about a few things at once. Sometimes they are related, and sometimes they are not. This entry encompasses both, hence the rather contradictory title. I usually like to list these things, and today is no exception...

  • Like my wife before me, I'm suffering from flu. Sore throat, coughing, and a rasping sound reminiscent of Darth Vader are my main symptoms, but there are others. I was intrigued to learn that the word influenza came from the medieval latin influentia (influence), because it was apparently believed that epidemics where due to the influence of the stars.
  • Everyone went to South by Southwest except me, and I'm annoyed that I decided not to go. I will definitely be going in 2006!
  • I do not know if Terri Schiavo wanted to be kept alive in the event of being incapacitated or not. All I know is that it is no business of Congress or President Bush! Republican politicians, who appear to be controlled by the religious right, are meddling in affairs which should be of no concern to them. Florida's legal sysyem has made a decision, based on a stringent review of the facts, and that decision should be binding. An excellent analysis of the events surrounding the case is available from Florida law blogger Matt Conigliaro.
  • At home, we are halfway through getting our driveway levelled-out and resurfaced. It was no longer possible for me to drive my Focus down the driveway without ripping chunks off the underside of the car, so I figured it was time. Apparently, we need to wait until the temperature gets into the 70s before they can do the black-top.
  • After the driveway is complete, we plan to extend our back deck. It will end up being double its existing size, with plenty of space for a table, chairs, and a grill. My family is excited about the prospect of spending more time in our back yard, which used to be a bug-infested overgrown jungle.


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    Get well soon!

    Posted by David on Mar 21, 2005.

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    Thanks, David. I haven't been suffering as much as Deborah did before me, but it is certainly annoying. Of course, if the US government hadn't so completely fucked up the flu vaccine situation, I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Mar 22, 2005.