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Posted Mar 29, 2005 in Music.

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I've decided I don't talk about music as much as I should, so I'll try to mention a CD I'm listening to each week or so. This week's favorite is Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, by British band Tears For Fears. Anyone who was a fan of Seeds of Love will like this. It welcomes the return of Curt Smith to the line-up.


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    Great CD! I saw them perform on one of the late night shows and have been a fan ever since.

    Posted by Stephan Segraves on Mar 29, 2005.

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    I remember when I first got "Seeds of Love", I thought it was a delicious piece of music production. This CD echoes that feeling again, and I hope that Tears For Fears will be doing more in the near future.

    My favorite track is the title track "Everybody Loves a Happy Ending", which has got a cool Beatles-like feel to it - very much like "Sowing The Seeds of Love" had.

    Posted by Simon Jessey on Mar 29, 2005.