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Posted Apr 13, 2005 in Music.

Compact Disc cover

Was it really 1993? I can't believe it was so long ago that I first heard this CD. During the 1980s, I was never really a Duran Duran fan, although I certainly enjoyed “The Reflex” and a couple of others. After something of a hiatus (or should that be an hiatus?), they released a nameless album in 1993, which became to be known as “The Wedding Album” because of the wedding photographs on the cover.

I remember I originally purchased the CD because of the wonderful “Ordinary World”, but I quickly became a fan of “Too Much Information”.

Revisiting it now, some 12 years on from the original release, I find that it is two different tracks that captivate me. First is a latin-esque collaboration with Milton Nascimento called “Breath After Breath”. It's an uplifting piece of music that sounds great in the car. Going in a completely different direction, however, is “Sin Of The City”, which is both epic and tragic.


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