Firefox to 50

Posted Apr 28, 2005 in Browsers, Events, Technology.

Incredibly, Firefox has been downloaded close to 50 million times. Its market share across all operating systems is close to 6% in the United States (see WebSideStory data) as of February 2005, and this share is growing steadily - although now at a decreasing rate. It may not be a huge player, but it has probably kicked Microsoft into releasing a 7.0 version of Internet Explorer, which is impressive in itself.

For sometime now, Firefox (previously Phoenix and Firebird) has been my browser of choice. I see no reason why that should not continue, even with advances in Internet Explorer and Opera on the horizon.


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    And my girlfriend still wonders why I so desperately want that firefox poster?!?! Viva La Revolution!

    Posted by Donnie Jeter on May 09, 2005.

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    Well you can have the Firefox poster if you like. I think I'd rather have a poster of your girlfriend :D

    Posted by Simon Jessey on May 09, 2005.