Blair is back, but for how long?

Posted May 06, 2005 in England, Events, Politics.

In yesterday's British General Election, Labour succeeded in winning an historic third consecutive term, albeit with a substantially reduced majority in the House of Commons. In a campaign dominated by the war in Iraq, the economy, and issues of racism and immigration, the British public voted in line with recent opinion polls.

The Conservative Party appear to have bounced back from their last two disastrous results, and a great performance from the Liberal Democrats now sees Britain as a genuine three-party nation.

It seems likely that Blair's third term as Prime Minister will not last for much more than a couple of years at best. I fully expect him to give up his position to a new leader, most likely Gordon Brown, so that a new face can take Labour through the next election.

Personally, I'm appalled that the British public elected Labour again. I firmly believe their policies are taking the Britishness out of Britain - turning it gradually into a faceless entity more suitable for the European Union. I'm equally amazed that disgruntled Conservatives still vote for the Liberal Democrats. In fact, I'm amazed that anyone votes for the Liberal Democrats, given their desire to raise taxes, piss all the money away on public spending, and force Britain into a federalizing Europe.

Although I dislike the rather racist stance of the Conservative Party, their core policies continue to appeal to me. Perhaps it is a consequence of being brought up in Margaret Thatcher's Britain - I was a big fan of the “Iron Lady”, particularly because she was so successful at cutting away the fat from the nation (keeping spending under control, relaxing the iron grip of the unions).

I must just say this - the BBC offered truly excellent election coverage (I was able to watch five hours of it on C-SPAN), although I thought Jeremy Paxman was overly rude to too many people. Peter Snow, as usual, made it possible for viewers to fully understand the complexities of the British electoral system.


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